They say when you are missing someone that they are probably feeling the same, well it’s absolutely not the case for 2015 edition of April Fool’s Day!

Starring Sherlock Holmes, Dr. John Watson and Danny Nutcracker in the iconic roles of … themselves in Fifty Shades of Sherlock.


Please be warned, this video contains scenes that some viewers may find disturbing.

Huge Humble Thank You July 4, 2014

Frogwares <3 Ukraine Humble Weekly Bundle is now over with 25 448 bundles sold which brought $150,209.31 in total. It was a wonderful journey for us at Frogwares and we are absolutely happy for arranging the event.

Now that we are into the paper work, we will update our webpages to keep you aware of all the charity events to follow.


A big thank you to everyone for making this happen, for your support and contribution!

Frogwares Humble Bundle June 26, 2014


Frogwares is proud to announce the partnership with Humble Bundle to benefit its local charity – the Ukrainian Red Cross. This event has its all: 13 games valued at a total of more than $129, Steam keys or DRM- free downloads, supporting the Ukrainian Red Cross.

The Ukrainian Red Cross Society is a voluntary nationwide humanitarian public organization. They work where people need assistance, support and advice.

It is a voluntary relief movement not prompted in any manner by desire for gain. Its purpose is to protect life and health and to ensure respect for the human being. It promotes mutual understanding, friendship, cooperation and lasting peace amongst all peoples.

Red Cross Society is open to all. The movement does not take sides in hostilities or engage at any time in controversies of a political, racial, religious or ideological nature. This is exactly what video games do, isn’t it?

With Humble Bundle you can choose how you would like to divide up your contribution: to Charity or Developer (and Humble Tip of course). Changing the slider to Charity will send your donation to the Red Cross Ukraine, while changing the slider to Developer will still send your donation to … Charity as well. Remember our Sherlock Charity: Get Games and Help Chernobyl Kids! event from last year? We are still in charge of the small orphanage in Korosten and their needs; there is also a small church next to us whose members run several charitable works which we cannot stay away from. With this bundle 100% of your donations will be contributed to those in need.

The event starts on Thursday, June 26th at 11am Pacific time and continue till July 6th at Please come with all your friends!


Come with us on a journey, on a journey to 2003, on a journey to the center of the earth…



It is hard to believe that our Journey to the Center of the Earth is 10 years old now. Today we are working on projects that we are super excited about, projects that we could not dream of if someone would say this to us. Let’s look around and see the studio, the people and the projects that altogether are known as FROGWARES.

Founded back in 2000 by people never engaged into gaming before, with a workforce of less than 30 people they have started learning how to make games at the same time as they were making them. Nonetheless, Frogwares first game, Sherlock Holmes and The Mystery of the Mummy, was a huge success; it was clever, entertaining and challenging. Inspired by this experience and players feedback we started working on a charming and beautiful fantasy built on one of the most famous novels of Jules Verne – Journey to the Center of the Earth. The game’s story stands on its own, putting you in the shoes of Ariane, a spunky photojournalist on assignment in Iceland. Ariane lands on a volcano hoping to nab Pulitzer worthy photos. While exploring the mysteries of a secret world, players soon discover that the future of this world is in jeopardy – you dive right into the thick of the action!

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Frogwares fundraising days for a small orphanage in Korosten, Ukraine, in May earlier this year ended up in 7500 game bundles sold. Collectively we have managed to raise around $30 000 (minus some significant charges and fees prompted by the bundle facilitator) which is really a big sum of money!

Kind ladies who are taking care of the orphanage are very thankful for the donation that they received and they would like to use this “gift” the best as they can. Therefore they hope you will understand their willing to help the little ones as well as the elderly people from Korosten. Here is their story:

“Korosten is a small city, 170km west from Kiev. This city was devastated by Chernobyl catastrophe. 3 years ago we heard about 2 single women from a religious congregation living among the people of Korosten; their goal is to share the same day life with love.
When visiting these women the first time in December 2010, we were choked by the poverty and the big gap between Kiev, the capital, and Korosten, a forgotten city on the road to west. Since that day a group of volunteers, French women, decided to help by bringing need to orphans and elderly people.

We have decided to keep a part for the elderly people house, lost at 10km from Korosten in the middle of nowhere. Their condition of living is really basic. We have decided to buy new beds to make them feel more comfortable until their last days.

The biggest part of your donation, however, will be kept for the children. We are now debating to open an “inside school” providing an English corner and an informatics’ corner as well to offer an international education to those children. We think that nowadays it is very important to speak English and to have informatics’ knowledge for the career. We know this is an ambitious project with a long-term engagement. We really want to offer a better future to these little orphans. Your gift is a proof that we can hope to start this project and hope that it will last forever.”

Thank you very much from the Korosten team and Frogwares studios.

The big event starts today, on May 27, and will last for the next 5 days till May 31, 2013 at For as little as $1.50 you can choose 2 Frogwares games. Feel free to choose the amount you want to pay walking away with as much digital copies of Frogwares games as you want. You will receive whether a Steam or GOG code to download the games or DRM-free version:

Thanks to word-of-mouth, Children of Ukraine can become a well-known and powerful entity. Together we can contribute to the development and happiness of the kids. Imagine what we could achieve if every of you take time to hit the SHARE button? Please help us spread it to as many of your friends as possible!

Thank you,
Frogwares team

It is with a sad heart today that we remember the 27th anniversary of the biggest nuclear disaster in world history. However, Chernobyl is not just a catastrophic accident; it is a personal misfortune of thousands of families who were influenced by the incident one way or another.

Today we want to speak of the small orphanage located in Korosten, a small city that was declared a zone of a voluntary evacuation. In Korosten, there are just 3 sisters of the Charles de Foucauld fraternity there who take care of children aged 3 to 17 years old, orphaned or not. There are 30 to 50 kids there and their needs are immense.

Our goal is to raise money to make sure these children get badly needed vitals. You will have a chance to get Frogwares games for a fraction of what portals normally charge and be donating to a wonderful cause at the same time. The event will start on May 27, 2013. All funds will go directly to the orphanage. Together, we can contribute to the development and happiness of the kids. Imagine what we could achieve if everyone takes the time to hit the SHARE button! Please help us spread this information to as many of your friends as possible! Thanks!

Frogwares Update April 4, 2013

Frogwares site is now updated featuring both Large File Adventures and our casual games developed by Waterlily Games studio. Visit Frogwares Games to see the full catalog now. We have included links to Gametap store to purchase the games directly.

Later on we plan to complete Games page adding details about entire Frogwares catalog including the latest Sherlock Holmes Mystery of the Frozen City for Nintendo 3DS.


We have also launched the DevBlog for Magrunner: Dark Pulse First updates in the blog are coming shortly! If interested, we are now finishing voice-over to launch the closed beta for the game backers.


For those of you who missed it on April 1, here is a short in-game video of Sherlock Holmes Crimes and Punishments announcing the return of Creepy Watson:


Frogwares Game Development Studio regrets to announce that we have to terminate our contract with Collective Mindz LLC, a Minnesota limited liability company, with immediate effect.

Collective Mindz LLC was in charge of the publishing the Sherlock Holmes 5 Adventure Game Collection.

The decision was taken after giving Collective Mindz LLC over six weeks to address material breach of the contract. Collective Mindz LLC didn’t provide any payment or report nor information about their legal situation. We contacted Collective Mindz LLC several times but they have failed to respond appropriately.

We are extremely sorry for players who bought the game and the ones that were intended to do so.

  1. If you didn’t buy the boxed game yet: don’t buy it! Sherlock Holmes 5 Adventure Game Collection as of now to be considered a non-legitimate product and CANNOT BE ACTIVATED by internet and therefore cannot be played. The cover of the game is displayed in the news. Instead you can get downloadable versions at most gaming portals, on our Shop, Steam or BigFishGames.

  3. If you already bought the collection and it wasn’t activated yet, please bring the box back to the shop, print this news and take it with you to show the seller your good faith, we hope they’ll understand and will proceed to the reimbursement.

Again we apologize for the inconvenience, but you have to know that Frogwares didn’t get a cent of this deal and that as right owners and game creators, we cannot accept this situation.

If you have any questions or fail to get a refund you can contact Collective Mindz LLC , Andy Burton by phone:  952.250.0048 skype: aburtonusa email: andy.burton (at) or by post to Collective Mindz, LLC 1905 E Wayzata BLVDSuite 111Wayzata, MN 55391 USA

Further information will be made available as it becomes known to Frogwares.


Frogwares is happy to announce the launch of the new version of our website. We have reorganized the site to serve your needs better!

With the new improved navigation and better organization of content, you can now access all the info about all the games we have developed or are currently developing. Game trailers and screenshots, system requirements and reviews are now gathered in one convenient location. Direct links to our store will ensure a smooth and hassle-free purchasing process. And be sure to check out our official Facebook fan pages, newsletter subscription and more!

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